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UAE tech company unveils undercover police vehicle at Dubai World Police Summit

The cutting-edge vehicle is fitted with facial recognition cameras and sensors that can detect speed, sudden swerving, wanted vehicles, and even people

SM Ayaz Zakir, Khaleej Times

UAE – It may seem like a regular car on the road, but is installed with special lenses that continuously monitor road violations, and modules and functions that can get you in trouble in case of the slightest violation. This revolutionary car has been fitted with technology developed by Tatweer, a technology company based in Abu Dhabi, and is currently being showcased at the Dubai World Police Summit at the World Trade Centre. The vehicle is also fitted with cameras and sensors that can detect speed, sudden swerving, details of a car, wanted vehicles, and even people.

“This is an undercover car where we have mounted a technology device in the front that is an integrated solution customised to assist and enhance surveillance, road security, law enforcement, and crime prevention,” said Anas Al Zghoul, head of research and development at Tatweer MEA.

“This device or module can be moulded to fit any size and shape on the bumper of the make and model of the car,” added Zghoul

Zghoul explains the system the vehicle is fitted with is “integrated with top-notch automatic number plate recognition cameras, surveillance CCTV capabilities, speed detection, [a] law enforcement innovative mobile app and web application – which, together, build the complete ecosystem,” said Zghoul.

He further added that this system uses standard integration protocols and API’s which enables interaction between different devices and legacy systems to be expendable with additional features and modules in the future.

The company developed this comprehensive structure of cutting-edge sub-systems available to the officers in the cars through a feature-rich touchscreen interface.

“The car is equipped with seven cameras with Edge processing at the rear, wanted vehicles camera on the sides and front, [a] facial recognition camera on [te] inner windshield and a speed detection camera on the bumper.”

The system in the car provides various functionalities, including:


Real-time, high-accuracy, simultaneous multiple face detection and recognition to identify wanted persons near the patrols.


Multiple lane coverage with wide range camera for detecting, classifying, and tracking vehicles up to five lanes to the left and two lanes to the right. Timely triggering of the ANPR camera.


Multiple officers can access the In-Vehicle System session simultaneously with an option to select the primary officer on patrol. That primary officer will log all actions on the alerts and violations.


The back-office system provides the operator remote access from the command and control centre to a wide range of functions embedded into the In-Vehicle System. This ensures the smooth flow and management of surveillance and crime detection operations.


The system’s cameras automatically detect all violations and alerts in the patrol under various lighting conditions, which reflects in the real-time dashboard.


Through the In-Vehicle System, an officer can add or mark a vehicle as suspected, and request the central office system to consider that particular vehicle as a wanted vehicle based on its record or actions.


Live GIS-based visualisation of vehicle location is available in the System, and live locations will be sent to the command and control application.

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