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Million, a SocialFi platform set to launch in the Middle East

Million, is a new social media platform slated to launch by the end of 2022. The application will be using a distributed currency system and digital ownership of content to create an open-source model that connects investors and creators in the Middle East.

The app is built on a robust E2E (engage-to-earn) economic model that provides a fully sustainable strategy. The E2E model will allow millionaires, stars, influencers, and fans to create, collaborate and share content through an engaging experience while generating passive income.

Julien Hawari, CEO, believes that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are creating a paradigm shift in finance that is enabling new economies. Million is perfectly positioned in this environment by taking advantage of this shift for both its users as well as for its investors.

Social media platform Milz is a “digital wallet with its own token” that facilitates a fandom “social token” and payments in the form of intangible and tangible merchandise, events, and platforms like NFTs. It allows users to invest in their favorite creators, or sell them on later.

“At Million; we believe in digital ownership enabled by blockchains to be the method to transform the creative industry for both creators and fans in the Middle East. We aspire to offer the benefits of blockchain technology while providing a best-in-class user experience,” stated Franck Mandon, COO of Million.

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