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IR4LAB presents its vision for the future to achieve an autonomous revolution using Blockchain in industrial maintenance

Presented at the World Maintenance Summit 2023, IR4LAB discussed the use of Blockchain technology to achieve an autonomous revolution in industrial maintenance

Press Release

During the first World Maintenance Summit 2023, held between 11th-12th May at King Mohamed 6 University in Marrakech (Morocco), IR4LAB, a Saudi-based company and one of MENA’s leading providers specialized in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, has presented on the use of Blockchain in industrial maintenance in general and specifically in industrial inspection.

Represented by its co-founder and CTO Mohamed EL KANDRI, during the summit’s first day workshops EL KANDRI has highlighted the role that Blockchain could play in maintenance 4.0 and the benefits of using Blockchain in industrial inspection, he has also provided real life examples from IR4LAB’s current projects.

Furthermore, EL KANDRI presented, and for the first time, IR4LAB’s vision for the future by leveraging the intersection of Blockchain and other technologies to achieve what he called the autonomous revolution in industrial maintenance and other industries, showcased through some potential and promising use cases.

Additionally, and during a panel on the role the startup ecosystem could play in accelerating industrial digitalization, EL KANDRI emphasized on the need of collaboration through models like co-creation, models that should involve the relevant stakeholders including industrial companies, startups, academia and governments.

This first summit, organized by the Cluster Maintenance 4.0 and supported by major industrials including OCP Group, the world’s largest producer of phosphate and phosphate-based products, OCP MS, a subsidiary of the same group providing digital maintenance solutions, but also the prestigious Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation, was a resounding success, featuring well-renowned speakers, 6 workshops and 4 panel discussions moderated by the TV anchor Khadija Ihssan.

Abdenour JBILI, president of Cluster Maintenance 4.0 and CEO of OCP MS, said “We have been pleased to have IR4LAB presents its vision and how they are using cutting edge technologies in industrial maintenance, much like us, we are on a mission to promote industrial digitalization and we look forward to collaborating with like-minded companies in the region such as IR4LAB”.

Majd Jamal Alafifi Co-Founder and CEO of IR4LAB, said “The World Maintenance Summit is a unique opportunity for IR4LAB to promote industrial excellence through technology and highlight our vision for the future”

Mohamed EL KANDRI Co-Founder and CTO of IR4LAB, added “We have been on a mission of showcasing the use of technologies like Blockchain in many industries, this highly supported summit is a testament to the positive direction the industry is taking towards adopting innovation”

IR4LAB envision to continue working with forward looking companies and startups to promote synergies and propel digital transformation in the region.


About IR4LAB

Saudi-Based innovation-driven company specialized in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. IR4LAB is Saudi Aramco’s First Blockchain Technology investment in Saudi Arabia.

IR4LAB is committed to increasing advanced technologies adoption in Saudi Arabia and the world by implementing new business models or improving existing processes, most notably building local capabilities that can contribute greatly to achieve Saudi 2030 vision.

About Cluster Maintenance 4.0

Morocco’s inaugural Maintenance and Industrial Digitalization Cluster, CM4.0’s primary objective is to unite various national stakeholders in sharing best practices, enhancing competency and competitiveness, and exploring new markets through collaborative and innovative projects. The cluster’s core mission revolves around fostering collective intelligence in Maintenance 4.0, while simultaneously advancing professionalization and standardization of industrial practices within the same field. The overarching vision of CM4.0, the Maintenance 4.0 Cluster, is to position Morocco as a center of expertise and innovation in maintenance and industrial digitalization.


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