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Dubai: Will ‘robotic twins’ do our work for us in the future?

A session held at the Museum of the Future dives into the intersection of reality and the metaverse through robotics

Staff Writer, Khaleej Times

Could humans in the future have robotic twins that do their work for them? According to some science and technology experts, it is certainly a possibility.

The ‘Moonshot Goal 1: Introducing Cybernetic Avatars’ lecture session at Dubai’s Museum of the Future brought together scientists from Japan and the UAE, as a part of a collaboration between Dubai Future Foundation’s Dubai Future Labs and the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

The session explored the intersection of reality and the metaverse through robotics. It also touched upon what remote work would look like by the year 2050.

The lectures were delivered by four experts from prominent Japanese universities who took part in the Moonshot Goal 1 programme of the Japan Science and Technology Agency – which emphasises the realisation of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050.

The programme aims to support innovative ideas and research projects to prepare societies for digital futures – where they can develop the technology to even conduct social activities virtually by 2050.

Among the opportunities discussed during the sessions were the possibility of robots becoming digital twins of humans and being able to carry out work and tasks instead of them, more accurately and quickly.

Khalifa Al Qama, Director of Dubai Future Labs, said: “Promoting research and development in cooperation with various scientific, technological and research institutions at the local and international levels is critical to anticipating future opportunities and transforming innovative ideas into real solutions for a better future for humanity.”

“This event aligns with Dubai Future Foundation’s efforts to identify the most important opportunities and upcoming technological transformations, and to exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge about the best ways for societies to benefit from future technology.”


In the first talk, Dr. Norihiro Hagita, Program Director, and Professor, Osaka University of Arts, presented the main goals of the Moonshot Goal 1 programme. It includes 7 research projects focused on developing a variety of cybernetic avatars to enable individuals to actively participate in the development of their societies, considering ethical, economic, environmental, legal and social factors.

Hiroshi Ishiguro, Project Manager, and Professor, Osaka University, said during the second lecture: “Our lives will change drastically by 2050, and we will have greater freedom in choosing our location and how we spend our time participating in various activities such as work, education, medical care and daily life. We aim to develop levels of digital and real coexistence in a balanced manner.”

Junichi Ushiba, Deputy Project Manager, and Professor, Keio University spoke about promising technologies for analysing brain activities and body language to predict human interactions and behaviours, helping to develop the world of virtual reality.

Kouta Minamizawa, Project Manager, and Professor, Keio University noted during the final lecture that the Moonshot Goal 1 programme aims to help people make full use of their abilities and share their skills and experiences with others to promote joint innovation.

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