Dubai based platform Xclusiverse enters the World Book Records
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Dubai based platform Xclusiverse enters the World Book Records

In less than four months since its official launch, XCLUSIVERSE – the world’s first metaverse platform integrated with e-commerce, has set a world record with 2041 avatars being created at a physical event.

This milestone was celebrated by the Official World Book of Record at Brand Minds Summit in Bucharest, Romania, an event that gathered over 6000 participants. The achievement was registered by the World Book of Records, the UK-based global authority on certifying achievements, marking XCLUSIVERSE as the first platform to successfully create a record-breaking number of avatars within a span of 12 hours.

“One of the main purposes of XCLUSIVERSE is to build a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, increasing the efficiency of the businesses and creating new experiences for the end-users. Our aim is to set the foundation of this bridge and increase the awareness of metaverse as a platform for both personal and business interactions. We’re beyond proud of our achievements so far and the fact that we succeeded to create a record-breaking number of avatars in 12 hours at a physical event”, said Florina Onetiu, CEO of XCLUSIVERSE. 

As the first platform to connect metaverse suppliers, specialists from different industries, real estate agents and educators, XCLUSIVERSE supports business professionals and enables them to level up their commercial strategies, giving them access to the latest technologies and to the real-digital world integration that maps out solutions for boosting their business opportunities.

“This event has set a benchmark for the developments in technology now that the need of businesses to be present in the metaverse is more crucial. The statistics show that most business owners consider metaverse as a next step into growing their commercials, and XCLUSIVERSE is there to facilitate opportunities and connect these owners with peers around the world”, added Florina Onetiu. 

Besides being a creative virtual space for business professionals, XCLUSIVERSE also builds the largest community of investors through exquisite experiences of 4.0 interaction, shopping, and real-world meetings, featuring three spaces – XCLUSIVERSE CITY, XCLUSIVERSE MALL and XCLUSIVERSE CLUB.

In XCLUSIVERSE MALL, members will be able to shop and earn digital products, from NFTs to fractional assets, rent virtual offices or lease business spaces, while XCLUSIVERSE CITY is set to be the space for social connections experiences such as meet and greet or play and earn. An upscale structure – XCLUSIVERSE CLUB – is there to provide members with bespoke privileges, from setting exclusive meetings to having access to prime services, events, and happenings in the XCLUSIVERSE community.

CEO and co-founder of XCLUSIVERSE, Florina Onetiu joins forces on this project with Cristian Onetiu, co-founder of a real estate investment group which manages several properties and digital goods, a software company specialized in fractional real estate and a reality TV show set to be aired before the end of the year. Source: Press Release

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