Crypto hardware wallet maker Ballet announces launch of its NFT services
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Crypto hardware wallet maker Ballet announces launch of its NFT services

Crypto hardware wallet maker Ballet has created a consulting service to empower organizations of every kind to integrate non-monetary crypto assets into their business strategies. From concept design to launch, Ballet’s full-spectrum NFT Services will guide clients through the process of developing and marketing NFTs that have real utility and value.

The most popular way NFTs are used today is to represent exclusive ownership of digital content. That digital content could be graphic art, music, or even just text. The text of Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet was made into a NFT that sold for $2.9 million. The highest price ever paid for a single NFT is $91.8 million. According to, the total market value of all NFTs exceeded $35 billion in March 2022.

Although much of the attention on the NFT (non-fungible token) asset class is due to the breathtaking price performance of the most popular NFTs, financial speculation is not the reason why Ballet is offering NFT Services. NFTs could potentially have utility and value in a variety of non-monetary applications. Proof of authenticity, proof of ownership, intellectual property, academic and professional credentials, tickets, memberships, voter registration, and “metaverse” are a few of the areas that non-monetary crypto assets could transform.

According to Ballet founder and CEO Bobby Lee, “NFTs have a much different value proposition than monetary crypto assets like Bitcoin, but the need for easy and safe cold storage is just as important. From our perspective as a maker of offline cold storage wallets, the rising popularity of NFTs in mainstream society is an opportunity that is too good to ignore.”

Ballet NFT Services can add value to any organization: business or non-profit, large or small, with a physical presence or digital-only. It can also serve individual entrepreneurs, entertainers, authors, and influencers. Based on Ballet’s proven expertise in blockchain technology and its existing customized wallet and crypto gift card offerings, NFT Services is a natural extension of the business. For all those who have brilliant ideas involving non-monetary crypto assets but lack advanced computer programming skills, Ballet NFT Services is an effective and affordable solution to turn a vision into reality.

Ballet will host a Twitter Space on July 14 to introduce the new NFT Services and answer any questions from the audience. To learn more about how Ballet NFT Services can create value for your organization, please visit

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