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Claroty to showcase cyber-physical systems security solutions at GISEC 2023

Claroty delivers unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection for industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments

Press Release

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Claroty, the cyber-physical systems protection company, today announced its presence at the Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC), taking place March 14-16, 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With a team of senior executives and industry experts onsite, the company will showcase its market-leading portfolio of cybersecurity solutions for cyber-physical systems across industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments at Stand C15, Hall 8.

Highly interconnected cyber-physical systems including operational technology (OT), the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), building management systems (BMS) and more – collectively known as the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) – have become pervasive as organizations across critical sectors seek to modernize their environments. While the ever-growing XIoT delivers a number of business benefits that drive innovation, resilience, productivity and sustainability, it can also increase exposure to cyber and operational risks if not properly secured. Additionally, as CISOs become increasingly responsible for securing their organization’s cyber-physical systems, they cannot rely solely on traditional IT security solutions to provide sufficient visibility into these assets without disrupting mission-critical operations.

“As our physical world connects more deeply and broadly with our digital world, organizations are recognizing that they need to take a holistic approach to securing the wide range of connected assets within their environments,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Claroty.

“Given the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions that are purpose-built for cyber-physical systems in the Middle East and around the world, we look forward to engaging with the GISEC community and working together to protect the critical systems that power our way of life – from the food we eat and water we drink, to the energy sources that power our homes and cities, to life-saving medical care.”

Understanding the need to secure enterprise XIoT environments holistically, Claroty’s cyber-physical system protection solutions integrate seamlessly with customers’ existing infrastructure to provide full visibility, protection, and threat detection for all connected assets. Powered by deep domain expertise, its award-winning threat research group Team82, and a robust partner ecosystem, Claroty’s solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of securing any XIoT environment, ensuring cyber and operational resilience for the connected organizations that sustain our lives.

About Claroty

Claroty empowers organizations to secure their Extended Internet of Things (XIoT), a vast network of cyber-physical systems across industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments. The company’s cyber-physical systems protection platform integrates with customers’ existing infrastructure to provide a full range of controls for visibility, risk and vulnerability management, network segmentation, threat detection, and secure remote access. Backed by the world’s largest investment firms and industrial automation vendors, Claroty is deployed by hundreds of organizations at thousands of sites globally. The company is headquartered in New York City and has a presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

To find out more about Claroty, visit claroty.com.

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