ESET crypto funds

ESET Research discovers trojanized WhatsApp and Telegram applications stealing crypto funds and with new functionalities

Shalini Murugesan
DUBAI – UAE, 23rd March 2023 —  ESET researchers have discovered dozens of copycat Telegram and WhatsApp websites targeting mainly Android and Windows users with trojanized versions of these instant messaging apps. Most of the...

Entrust survey reveals consumers can’t remember their passwords and it’s reshaping the identity landscape

Shalini Murugesan
The Future of Identity Report finds consumers want more convenience without sacrificing security Press Release DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Entrust Cybersecurity Institute – the insights arm from Entrust –  released its Future of Identity Report,...
Enterprise storage

Kingston Technology sheds light on the increasingly essential nature of enterprise storage

Shalini Murugesan
Press Release Dubai, UAE– 13 March 2023: In an evolving operating climate where enterprises deal with heavy workloads of business-critical information, addressing business continuity requirements, disaster recovery goals, and availability needs while successfully consolidating their...

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